My Top, Inexpensive Online Shopping Sites

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Happy Monday! Since Fashion week is ending around the globe (although fashion never sleeps) tons of customers are going to start searching for their favorite runway looks on the retail racks and online stores. I find myself searching for inexpensive runway lookalikes at my favorite discount retail stores like TJ MAXX and Last Chance as well as inexpensive online sites all the time. So I have had to do a little bit of hunting but I am here to share my experience with online shopping, an easy addiction for everyone.

It is very very rare for me to shop online because I have a constant fear of my bank account information getting stolen. I once had a friend who strictly shopped online at Victoria’s Secret and through their system had her account information stolen by a college student across the country in dire need of textbooks. The lengths we college students go to is getting sad…. But since I have been attending college, it has been necessary to buy (and consistently return) some of my books through Amazon. (But no worries, I am not stealing anyone’s money through the interweb to get them.) Coincidentally, this began my subtle online shopping habits. Here are a few of my top places to shop online and even some freebies!

1. RocksBox

I definitely got a lot of use out of this website by becoming a RocksBox member. RocksBox is pretty much an all-access pass to unlimited designer jewelry sent directly through the mail for only $19 a month. I consider this quite a steal since all three pieces of jewelry in your box can cost up to $200+!!! In your box you get three different pieces of jewelry according to the style survey you filled out explaining any jewelry allergies, ring sizes, preferences, etc. and you always receive at least one piece you previously liked in the personal style survey.

I have currently put my RocksBox account on hold because they continue to send you new boxes every month once you return your previous one and charge you $19/month. But it is especially great if you have some extra spending money, need jewelry for a fancier occasion, or just want to experiment with your style. I really defined my style of accessories through RocksBox and now have some super great quality pieces I wear almost everyday.

The shipping process is extremely easy since you return it in the original packaging which does not cost anything. The only catch is that you do have to give the jewelry back, but you have one month to wear it all OR buy as many pieces as you want and just not return those. If you are an active member long enough they send you a code to give to friends and every time someone uses it for their first month free, you receive “Shine Spend” to purchase jewelry with. With my former code and Shine Spend I was able to purchase my two favorite pieces the Wanderlust + Co Multi-Stud Gold Bangle and the House of Harlow 1960 Tessellation Triangles Pave Studs Set in Turquoise.




I originally found “” through Instagram when I stumbled upon the founder and chief creative officer’s personal instagram, Jen Gotch (@jengotch). is a “gift, tech, stationary and fashion accessories company” designed simply for anything and everything fun. They are all about color, simplicity and catching the modern eye of women. I finally bought one of their products for my current year of college, the “I AM VERY BUSY” Classic Month Agenda for only $20.00. The silly logo perfectly explains my life and I have used it religiously since it arrived in the mail. They also carry the latest iPhone cases, hair accessories, jewelry, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage cups and more.

Another item I bought from their website was the perfect heart necklace I never received from any silly high school boyfriends. You all remember those one month to one year gifts every girl received from their high school sweetheart? Just about all relationship-driven teenage girls wore their heart necklaces around school flaunting their relationship status; that is until it ended and the necklace mysteriously disappeared. But ANYWAYS, I decided to get myself one because I realized I wasn’t going to wait around any longer for a someone to read my mind and buy me a heart necklace. It was a little self-appreciation gift that was only $10. Again, I love their prices.

And if you don’t want to spend any money there, you can download free iPhone and desktop screensavers from their Fun Downloads page!


3. Romwe

I have yet to buy anything from Romwe but I have debated it just about everyday for the past two weeks. They have great quality, stylish, women’s wear for shockingly affordable prices. From peach short coats to graphic tees, Romwe has it all from $3-30. I have a few items in my shopping cart but I am a little hesitant to purchase clothes without trying them on. If I bite the bullet and get something worth share I will be sure to do so in a little shoot on my blog or my Instagram

                                               ➳ ➳ 

If you already shop at these websites or find that you have now decided to just shoot me a little message in my Contact Me message box. Thanks for reading as always and I hope you have a great rest of your week :) Just don't go too crazy with the online shopping!