To Blog Or Not To Blog

Approximate time reading this post: 1.5 minutes

I’m in complete shock. I just realized that 2015 is ending in two months. Just let that sink in for a moment or two. One thing that this year has taught me is if you aren’t happy or enjoying what you are doing you need to take a step back, a deep breath, evaluate, then change the situation.

I think this goes hand in hand with blogging because it’s supposed to be enjoyable. Most often I feel even more accomplished completing a HFM blog post then getting published in an actual magazine. This is probably because I have complete creative freedom and the opportunity to make my own deadlines. Blogging is something not demanded from anyone else but myself and being able to will myself to do it on my own every week is empowering. But I want to put out quality work over the quantity in simply posting every Monday because of the obligation.

But I am NOT giving up on my blog or necessarily plan on seizing my posts. This is just a little advanced notice saying that if I do not post every single Monday it is not because I don’t care about my blog but I care enough about it and my readers to not bore you with unnecessary posts just to fill the word count for the day. I still plan on posting every Monday but if I do not please don’t take it personally or lose hope for Mondays! I will still post on my Instagram and Facebook little motivational tid-bits every Monday which is blogging in a sense on a much smaller scale.

That all to say: I am on the hunt for fresh ideas, new ways of thinking, PHOTOGRAPHER FRIENDS for more fashion post opportunities, quality over quantity, and life changes. Everyday is different than the last but sometimes I don’t have a super fascinating, new topic of the week to post and share with the world. It’s not always necessary to talk just to hear yourself speak and I don’t want my blog to become a bunch of rambling posts. Which this one kind of is…. So I will leave you a little montage of my favorite songs of the moment.

Thanks for showing a little blog love and reading through this very new idea of blogging with me :) Happy November, I hope your Monday is even better than your weekend!