Not Everyday Is a Good Day

Approximate time reading this post: 3 minutes

Recently this thought dawned on me as I stepped into my car after grocery shopping and had myself a good cry on a not so good day. I have learned that, especially being a college student, it is socially acceptable to cry in the confines of your own car and in general have a bad day. I found it refreshingly honest when the bank teller, the guy at AutoZone replacing my windshield wipers, my mom’s coworkers at the grocery store she works at, and other regulars I encountered asked how my day was and I told them the truth with a shrug and maybe three honest words.

Yes, it’s partially true that you can wake up and decide which side of the bed to get up from but it’s not so easy to maintain that positive attitude. Once you grasp those hopeful feelings how exactly do you hold onto them long enough to feel like you are unstoppable? I’m not quite sure yet either. My blog won’t have the answer to unlimited happiness but I would like to say that not every day is going to be a good day and that’s something worth noting. This is not about throwing a pity party but just facing the facts. It doesn’t mean I am not going to try to make everyday better than the last but sometimes you need to know when to put the brakes on and accept defeat. In that sense, it’s okay to accept defeat but not failure. Yes I failed math for the the second time. Do I accept my defeat? Yes. Do I accept the failure? No, because I am going to retake it with high hopes and the sheer fact that I need this class to graduate.

In the wake of these occurrences, I decided to take my own advice (I know, I am as shocked as you) from my last blog post, “Choose Gratitude,” to remind myself outloud why I was going through certain changes to reach my goals. I also made a list of things I am grateful for in the same moment that I was feeling very unlucky. Things get interesting when you try and fight the negative battle in your own head, but there is no need to fight to the death and overwork yourself. This goes hand in hand with accepting defeat and a bad day.

But being completely honest here, today is actually going to be pretty fantastic because I am seeing my all time favorite band, The 1975, perform tonight! I won’t regale you with my obsession with The 1975 but you can be sure to get bombarded by pictures and videos tonight if you follow me on any social media, whoops.

Whether you find yourself listening to your favorite band’s hit new album or shed a few tears in your car due to the events of your day, I hope you can take the negative circumstances with a grain of salt. Bad days happen to everyone but they don’t have to happen all the time.


Some things that I can't promise will turn a bad day around but might make you smile anyways:

  1. Charming TED talks for a boost on a bad day

  2. “Ugh” by The 1975

  3. “Friends” by City and Colour

  4. “FortyFive” by Bootstraps

  5. “I Forget Where We Were (solo session)” by Ben Howard