Monday Muse(ic): July '18

Happy first Monday Muse(ic)! Over the years I have seen some of my favorite bloggers compile and share playlists. I thought this would be a more effective and fun way than bombarding you with random songs on my various social "stories" throughout the week. For full disclosure, yes, I know I spelled "music" wrong. I think this one is cute and clever. I do have a growing list of other possible playlist blog post names, but I think this is a winner.

I hope you enjoy all, some, or at least one of these songs on your Monday. Please, please let me know (on my contact me page, through Instagram, email, carrier pigeon, love letter, etc.) if you have heard of any of these before, have fallen in love with a new band thanks to this playlist, have suggestions for my next playlist, or complaints- because we do live in a democracy after all.

If you would like some commentary to go with your Monday Muse(ic), here are my quirky thoughts on each song in this playlist:

  1. "Billy" by DRAMA: Somehow DRAMA rips out your soul and is a reminder that you still have one all at the same time. I don't think I will ever, ever, ever get tired of this song and that's why it's my #1.

  2. “Insecure” by Brent Faiyaz: We are off to a mellow start, but that’s usually how I like Mondays. I discovered Brent Faiyaz a few months ago and he is so clearly one of my favorite R&B and hip hop artists. This was the first one I discovered by him but give his others a listen. (I have already successfully convinced three other people that they are also in love with his music).

  3. "Take Me" by Aly and AJ: They have ALWAYS put out killer music and knowing that, this song did not come as a complete shock to me. But I am surprised I didn’t see them at Crescent Ballroom a few weeks ago. Let’s just say the 10-year-old version of myself is very unhappy with my life choices at the moment.

  4. “Numb” by Carlos Vara: First time hearing Carlos Vara and he is fantastic.

  5. “Hallelujah” by Years & Years: Three words, “I wanna dance.”

  6. “I Go” by KWAYE: OK so his voice is killer and you can’t not dance to his music. Good luck trying.

  7. “Give Yourself A Try” by The 1975: Would this really be one of my playlists if I didn’t add their newest song? Also, I am anticipating them to drop a new album or at least another single in exactly three days based on cryptic social media posts.

  8. “Outland” by Observer Drift: The 80s-sounding jam of all 80s jams of 2018 you didn’t know you needed until now.

  9. “Majid” by DRAMA: Just so good I added them twice. Their whole album is also very relatable and I am determined to see them live.

  10. “Over Now” by Post Malone: He is actually one of the few rappers I really like and this is my favorite song on his latest album.

  11. “Me and My Friends” by James Vincent McMorrow: Just released last week and dedicated to the new happy moments in his life including his wife and new baby.

  12. “We Make Believe” by Observer Drift: This is a slower song compared to the beginning of this playlist, but it provides a nice break.

  13. “There’s Your Man” by Ben Howard: One of my favorite’s from Howard’s long awaited new album.

  14. “Fast Slow Disco” by St. Vincent: Listening to this, you literally feel like you are at a fast, slow modern disco. I can’t get enough of this new St. Vincent.

  15. “Bend Your Knees” by James Vincent McMorrow: Ending this Muse(ical) playlist with one of my favorite McMorrow songs and the last song in his set when I saw him live.