Monday Muse(ic): September '18

Hey there, I wanted to make another Monday Muse(ic) playlist just for you. I will definitely be sharing these playlists at least once a month. However, I did take the month of August to do some soul searching — in song hunting and in general — to come up with a supreme playlist for this month.

If this is your first time hearing about my monthly playlists, welcome! If you came back because you just loved my first one from July, I appreciate your interest in excellent music. For the full Monday Muse(ic) experience, I wrote some thoughts and summaries I have for each song, which you can read below before you listen, after, or during for the full effect.

This is a playlist for your Monday and the month of September. I hope it might even make you feel creative and refreshed. I selected each of these songs with the dreaded thought of Monday in mind as well as hope and what I am enjoying in the moment. You might notice more of The 1975 here than usual. They are clearly my favorite band and they have released some excellent songs recently. Today, they are also announcing some big tour and album release news, so I thought it would only be fitting to sprinkle them throughout this September playlist.

Tell me which songs you liked, disliked, discovered, and fell in love with all over again by commenting here or chatting me up on social media.

Introductions aside, let’s get on with what you are really here for, happy Monday Muse(ic)!

  1. “Roll Up Your Sleeves” by Meg Mac: I would be crazy if I didn’t start this playlist with a very Hope For Mondays jam. “Roll up your sleeves / everything is gonna be alright.” Sorry for the cheese, but it’s a good one.

  2. “Next to You” by John Vincent III: There are many different elements to this song. He changes the mood and swing with each line, but the song is still cohesive and excellent. His voice is just so buttery smooth.

  3. “Jungle” by Tash Sultana: She is one heck of a musician. “Jungle” is one of her most popular songs and obviously one of my favorites. I think Sultana is kind of a louder more rock version of Julien Baker, but still radically different. Her guitar work is truly a work of art. That’s why you will hear her two more times on this playlist.

  4. “Love It If We Made It” by The 1975: I don’t think I can adequately explain with words how incredible this song is, but I will say that it will absolutely have you jumping. It’s beyond catchy, in your face, political, and timely. In this song, The 1975 brings up everything from overdoses and immigration to quoting some infinite Trump lines. It’s worth listening on repeat to grasp each word because most of them stand tall by themselves.

  5. “Now and Then” by Eryn Allen Kane: Hopeful, soulful, relatable, all of the above. This was the first song I heard from Kane and I can say I am a dedicated fan after just this one.

  6. “Cigarettes” by Tash Sultana: I told you you would be hearing her again and now you probably understand why. This song is from her newly released album, “Flow State.”

  7. “Fault Line” by Meeka Kates: I am just going to slightly slow down this playlist with Kates’ song. What I love about this song is its constant jazz-like rhythm and excitement. It’s full of surprises.

  8. “When We Drive” by Death Cab For Cutie: When DCFC released their latest album last month I was shocked and thrilled. I was introduced to them by my freshman year boyfriend from high school, and I have been a dedicated fan ever since. This is one of my favorites from “Thank You For Today.” It’s nostalgic and a modern twist on Death Cab’s sound.

  9. “Superhero” by Lauv: I have been pleasantly surprised to see Lauv rising in popularity recently. I have been playing his latest hit on repeat since it was released.

  10. “Over” by Kings of Leon: It’s no surprise I stumbled upon this song in a coffee shop. Kings of Leon is truly a classic band.

  11. "Near/Far" by Death Cab For Cutie: Another from Death Cab’s newest album, which I adore.

  12. “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” by The 1975: This song has a much more upbeat electronic sound that I don’t think I’ve heard with The 1975 before. What I like most about this song is the video the band made for it. They brought together a small group of London fans to star in this music video to sing and dance along with frontman Matty Healy.

  13. “Outro” by Tash Sultana: I think the most perfect way to end this playlist is with another impressive song by Sultana. Her ability to produce soft sounds through her guitar work is equally as impressive as her upbeat songs you previously heard.