Hope For Tuesdays?

The only aspect that actually held me back from creating a blog for so long was thinking of the name. The moment I knew I wanted “Hope For Mondays” I realized how I was going to really have to commit to the consistency especially because the name does imply that I will be posting every Monday. Which is still the plan but sometimes life happens. I believe in keeping consistency but I also believe in keeping my sanity. So my deepest apologies for breaking my streak of persistence because that is the last thing I want to do with just about anything.

 As my blog continues I am going to randomly choose times to post on a different day other than a Monday (and not to use as an excuse for laziness) but just the purpose of Hope For Mondays is that you can not only have hope for the beginning of the week but the rest of your days that follow.

But I am convinced that Mondays simply refuse to get along with me. All I’m trying to do is spread some positivity and how do I get repaid by the grumpiest day of the week? A broken pinky toe two weeks ago and my car died luckily only for a day because of a bad alternator. Each on a Monday. Even though I did not post yesterday it was a rather peaceful yet productive day. You can usually find this out by following along with my snapchat story: @leahhope1. Here you will often see me stressing about life and the amount of caffeinated beverages I drink on a daily basis. But sometimes I snap some exciting daily moments too.


 Check my Snapchat story @leahhope1 for a play by play of my Mondays and all the days in between.

Photo by Geneva Patterson

Photo by Geneva Patterson

This is me freaking out about everything par usual. Geneva Patterson is so good at getting black mail shots of me far worse, it's not even funny.

So here’s to another week of Macroeconomics quizzes, torturous astronomy labs, eight articles due for my Friday deadline, puffy clouds, washing your car the day before it rains (happy Tuesday to me), cherished friendships, and new opportunities. Wish me luck for an interview today while I squeeze that into my schedule. But I am hopeful for the rest of my week and the rest of yours.