A Little Ten About Me

I hope many of you are enjoying your extra long Labor Day weekend even if you are working your ten hour shift today (a.k.a. me). After a long week of working a bunch, a broken pinky toe, breakfast with my gal pal, and online math a nap sounds like quite a nice idea. But I’ve got my “Monday” shirt on and a smile that says "I'm making bank on Labor Day" so I'm feeling more capable to take on this week with full force.

My first Hope For Monday posts have all been pretty philosophical so I thought I would keep this one on the light and fluffy side by sharing ten things you didn’t (maybe) know about me. Feel free to send me a little message by going to the “Contact Me” tab if we share any of these top ten or you would like to discuss them further! So here’s me:

Photos by  Geneva Patterson .

Photos by Geneva Patterson.

  1. My favorite song is Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy.

  2. I am an ambivert: in between an extrovert and an introvert so I can pretty much choose when to turn them on and off but I am 15% more extroverted on the ambivert scale, according to “16 Personalities” test.

  3. All time favorite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck which I plan on reading as often as I can in this lifetime.

  4. I love the idea of my birthday but it also terrifies me.

  5. The 1975 is my favorite band, their songs “Sex” and “Heart Out” are my fav tunes.

  6. I enjoy sitting down and talking about life and the oddities of it with anyone more than anything.

  7. I wrote a high school graduation speech that was never heard but the one I'm writing for my college graduation hopefully will be someday.

  8. I am a very easy crier: happy and sad.

  9. My future may lead me somewhere else but I would actually love to stay in Arizona indefinitely.

  10. I am not completely sure what field of journalism I would like to endure as my career I just know I have a passion for knowing the truth, sharing it, learning as much as I possibly can, and writing.

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It's nice every once in awhile to not take life so seriously, throw on some lipstick, and wear a small cactus on your head instead of always searching for the meaning to our crazy lives. Keep an eye out for some more fashion and styling related posts in the next few Mondays, since this is a versatile blog after all. I look forward to sharing my journeys with you. Happy Labor Day, don't work too hard today ;)