Vote Hope

Photos by: Kayla Koch

Photos by: Kayla Koch

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Happy Monday to you! Here I am, three months later, thinking about how drastically my life has changed since my last blog post when the contents of my backpack consumed my thoughts. This was before I knew the mountains of classwork I would soon add to this load. But instead of catching up I want to touch on hope, obviously.

Two weeks ago, I voted for the very first time turning in my early mail in ballot not very early and two days before Election Day. I chose to support the #WearWhitetoVote grass-roots movement representing the women’s suffrage movement. Before women could vote, they would wear white on Election Day in protest. It was only fitting that my shirt also donned a “bee nice” logo.

In our three hour break before Journalism Ethics and Diversity, I forced my best friend to bite the bullet and turn in her early mail in ballot to a polling station nearby, so I snagged a sticker too. With my favorite Levi’s mom jeans and Adidas sneakers, my little “I voted today” emblem perfectly pulled my look together.

Attending ASU during campaign and election season has broadened my knowledge and consideration for politics immensely. For the first time, I actually cared about my own state’s political circumstances and who I would vote for to better Arizona in every way possible. I even made a news video about the Democratic candidate, Kelli Butler, who ran for the AZ State House of Representatives in District 28 (my district woot woot), and won! It was really special to feel like not only that my vote made a difference but that I was creating entertaining content and good journalism.

But the results were still unexpected when it comes to the nation as a whole. With that, I may rant another day on this subject but I just wanted to remind any readers out there that your actions and your anger is being heard, and you have every right to feel the way you do. Now more than ever, I’m hoping for the country to heal.

I came up with some friendly reminders to cope with the cards we have been dealt recently:

  1. Let people be angry: Everyone expresses anger and sadness differently, so don’t criticize their protests before you know what they are individually protesting for. They are not protesting to complain that a candidate lost, but protesting the hatred and fear that the country embodies right now.

  2. Let people be happy: You don’t have to rip off their bright red hat which you may entirely disagree with. Be the bigger person.

  3. Stand up for each other: My Journalism Ethics and Diversity professor sat down with my class the following Thursday, after Election Day, and talked with us as if he was our favorite grandpa. He reminded us to now more than ever, protect each other as minorities and majorities.

  4. On Thanksgiving: You are not going to change that one stubborn family member’s political views at the dinner table so keep the political discussions to a minimum, and focus on why you gathered together.

  5. Have productive discourse: If you feel compelled to get your point across to someone you disagree with, do so with purpose and the facts. When it starts to feel heated or unproductive, know when to stand your ground or walk away, especially if this is someone you care about.

  6. Don’t let go of hope: Because it’s only November.

Outfit details: white “bee nice” tee (Forever 21), Levi's mom jeans (Buffalo Exchange), black strappy bralette (Forever 21), Adidas Superstar sneakers (Urban Outfitters), wired choker (ANGL), royal ring (Forever 21), gold spiked bracelet (Wanderlust + Co.), Tiffany & Co. silver index ring (gift), silver middle ring (gift)