What's In My Bag: College Edition

Lifestyle: Approximate time reading this post: 7 minutes

Ever since my first day back at school, I have felt so inspired and motivated in more ways than one, especially with my blog. I thought I would share a detailed guide of my daily university necessities and other suggestions in packing light to class. I also tried to post regarding gender-neutral items that just about every college student, disregarding age and sex, could find themselves carrying throughout the day.


Starting from top left to right in the picture below:

1. JanSport Clarkson Backpack (Tilly’s): First up is my trusty JanSport backpack to carry all of my college lifesavers in. I quickly noticed how every student on my university campus is carrying a humongous backpack so when my Tutillo bag strap finally snapped I reverted back to my JanSport ways. But I highly recommend a simple lightweight backpack with comfortable straps and multiple pockets like any of the JanSport packs.

2. Black and orange pouch (Forever 21): This little versatile pouch can be used for just about anything from makeup to spare change. I personally stuff mine with extra makeup and toiletries to get me through a long day of walking around the campus.

3. State Press Magazine (ASU): This was the perfect issue to start the school year with out on stands all around campus. Inside you get a peek into the best study spots, date night locations, and even places to have a well-deserved meltdown around Downtown Phoenix. I plan to write for any of the ASU publications in the near future and it’s also important to acknowledge all of their hard work!

4. Steve Madden keychain and cardholder (TJ Maxx): I actually clipped this combo off of my new Steve Madden everyday, bucket bag to better keep track of my business cards. I tend to place my personal business cards around local shops or exchange them with new contacts so this keychain gives me a tidy place to organize them.

5. Apple USB cable and power adapter (Apple): There are countless charging stations at ASU, so there is no need to ever feel powerless. Always, always carry your phone and laptop device chargers around campus.

6. iPhone 6/6s case with mirror power bank (Target): This handy power bank came with my iPhone case, pictured on top of my iPad.

7. Apple EarPods (Apple): You never know when you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of a huge campus, also some multimedia professors require headphones in the classroom for specific projects.

8. Elf Mist and Set (Target): Concealer, powder, primer users: I swear by this $3 makeup product. Especially having to walk from your car parked 10 blocks away from school for free parking, across campus, and back again, makeup users are going to want a light mist to set their makeup in and without clogging pores. This scentless, water-based product is full of aloe, green tea, and Vitamins A, C and E.

9. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, dark brown (Target): Proud "Great Lash" user since middle school. This is the no flaking, or smear, consistent and inexpensive mascara you have been looking for.

10. Jimmy Choo “Illicit” rollerball perfume (Sephora): While on campus, I like to freshen up before grabbing a late lunch or heading off to my next class with my all time favorite scent by Jimmy Choo. Perfect little travel size too!

11. Eos lip balm (Target): After using the trendy circular Eos lip balm for years, I gave up on its lack of functionality to fit in strange purses. My vanilla-flavored Eos stick is a must for everyday activities and I can easily throw it in my zipper pouch or pocket.

Keep reading below this picture for the rest!

12. Sonia Kashuk Shine Luxe Lip Color (Target): Pictured in the close up image of my zipper pouch and makeup. My Sonia Kasuk lip color is just what I need for a touch of shine and to brighten up my everyday makeup look. I specifically use the “Sheer Pink Lust 21” color to match my natural lip color and enhance any natural features.

13. Zagg Folio bluetooth keyboard and case (Sprint): This might just be the single best purchase I have ever made for college, besides the college classes themselves. After carrying around a 17-inch laptop for the past three years I decided it was time to invest in a lightweight iPad and wireless keyboard and case which has already worked wonders in saving space for my other school necessities.

14. Apple iPad Air 2 (Sprint): Also a great investment during my college education because it is lightweight, accessible and super easy to use.

15. Ray-Bans leather eyeglass case (Sunglass Hut): I have come to the realization that I need to start taking better care of my things, especially those that I use everyday, like my favorite sunglasses. This sleek and simple case, also a very thoughtful gift, has come in handy to protect my TJ Maxx sunnies.

16. Guess sunglasses (TJ Maxx): I will forever buy my designer brands at trusted retail stores like TJ Maxx and Ross, especially after I scored these under-$25 Guess sunglasses that I wear just about everyday. Attending a large campus comes with lots of walking and walking outside. We live in Arizona, so spare your eyes while the sun is burning your corneas 80% of the year.

17. Ban.do 17-Month Classic Agenda (Shop Ban.do): In order to survive college it is of the utmost importance to keep a monthly planner for homework, extracurriculars, part/full-time jobs, internships, checklists, even scheduling hang outs with friends because these are all very important activites that can easily be forgotten as college students. My Ban.do agenda is full of silly quotes and bright pages to give inspiration to my daily activities and the willingness to actually use my planner.

If you have any specific college lifesavers that you carry around to each class, let me know in the comments below so we can all be better prepared at this crazy, wonderful point in our lives. Happy Monday and have a great day of class!