Casual College Layers

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Well I survived my first week back at school and more importantly my first experience at Arizona State University. I can say that I am pleasantly surprised after all of the horror stories my community college friends told me of their first encounter at a university. I have never felt so prepared and ecstatic to take on the opportunities ahead that terrify and peak my curiosity all at once.

I firmly believe in the power of an A+ outfit especially on the first week of classes, in any type of educational setting. It’s the perfect opportunity to compliment someone else, in turn making an in-class friend, or at least feeling confident in your physical appearance when you are internally screaming about Multimedia Journalism.

Photos by:  Lauren Potter

Photos by: Lauren Potter

Outfit details: white button down shirt (Urban Outfitters), low rise blue jeans (Forever 21), orange peaking bralette (ANGL), gladiator sandals (Target), silk multi-wear scarf (Forever 21), blue medium purse (Steve Madden at TJ MAXX), lock and no-key earrings (H&M), mauve lip stain (Sephora).



So far, my back-to-school style consists of casual layers, that still make sense in the summer season, and comfortable footwear. With long school days and all of the walking from car to class to even more classes, it has come to my attention that sensibility and versatility  in my style is more important than ever before. I met up with my wonderful friend in journalism, Lauren Potter, at Desoto Central Market in Downtown Phoenix to discuss my future at ASU and in journalism. We quickly agreed to an impromptu photoshoot in front of the seafood vendor, Walrus and the Pearl, to capture this layered look. Here I am wearing one of my favorite simple white shirts from Urban Outfitters that I scored in the sale section. My favorite components of this outfit are my little silk scarf that can be worn countless ways from Forever 21 and my orange bralette from ANGL. Both pieces add unique layers and make a simple white shirt and jeans look far more detailed than they would be by themselves. This is one look I can easily see myself going from day to night in the Downtown Phoenix area after a long day of classes.

I am thrilled to not only expand my boundaries in journalism through my education at ASU but also explore the possibilities in fashionable and professional college attire. Stayed tuned on HFM for future updates about my blog-worthy ASU adventures. I hope everyone is having a great first or second week of school!

Student $ saving tip: show your school ID to any of the vendors at Desoto Central Market and get a 10% discount or more on your meal!