Dressing Up For "Art at the QuARTer"

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I have quickly realized that taking Mondays off from work this summer has made it such a fantastic difference in getting my mindset back to the hopeful spin I had for the beginning of the week. So I decided to take my own advice (shocking right?) and utilize one of my few days off with some good ol’ inexpensive fun that I blogged about in my previous post from the beginning of the summer.

On my days off I like to wear my favorite ensembles that I might not get the chance to at my job, this includes my new summer uniform of bodysuits. I have admittingly jumped on the bandwagon of bodysuits and I have absolutely no intention of getting off anytime soon. Once again, I found this gem at Forever 21 where that company never fails to provide a surplus of the latest trend (i.e. choker necklaces, lace up tops, and an array of body suits).

Since my favorite and only sister has started working at Snooze A.M. Eatery and my shifts are always going into the night time, we will go two and sometimes three days in a row without seeing each other. (But on the plus side: endless free chocolate chip banana pancakes.) This made today quite the treat, both having the day off, so we celebrated with our madre, naturally over breakfast at Snooze. Afterwards we fed our cravings with celebratory hot and iced chais from Press Coffee Roasters, which was also one of my points from my previous blog post, “Make Your Summer Worthwhile (on a budget)”, to cash in my tenth star at the roastery and get my perfectly hot chai free! The third point in that I took my own blog post’s advice was accessorizing with a little temporary tattoo today seen in the pic below.

Photos by: Claire Goldberg

Photos by: Claire Goldberg

Across from Press at the Scottsdale Quarter outdoor mall is a brand new mural that was revealed today! Artist, JB Snyder, is a part of the “Art at the QuARTer installation” series partnered with Scottsdale Public Art with this temporary mural installation. I have been anxiously waiting for this mural to finally unveil as part of the local Arizona art scene and right here in my own stomping grounds! Read more about JB Snyder here on how his other murals can be found at the Lost Leaf, the Saguaro Hotel, Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix, and more!

Thanks once again for taking the time to read my little post. Please, please let me know if you tried out any of my ideas from my previous blog post on having a worthwhile summer (on a budget). You can easily do so by tagging #HopeForMondays on Instagram or shooting me a little message in the “Contact Me” tab on my blog. Happy Monday, friends :)

Outfit details: plunging ribbed bodysuit (   Forever 21   ), cream lace shorts (   Papaya Clothing   - similar pair), gladiator sandals (“Topshop” found at    Nordstrom Rack   ), cord statement necklace (   Forever 21   - similar), gold stacked bracelet (   Wanderlust + Co   ), long layered necklace (gift), bronze nail polish (   Essie    at Target), temporary “YAY!” tattoo (   Paper Source from little party poppers   )       

Outfit details: plunging ribbed bodysuit (Forever 21), cream lace shorts (Papaya Clothing- similar pair), gladiator sandals (“Topshop” found at Nordstrom Rack), cord statement necklace (Forever 21- similar), gold stacked bracelet (Wanderlust + Co), long layered necklace (gift), bronze nail polish (Essie at Target), temporary “YAY!” tattoo (Paper Source from little party poppers)