Make Your Summer Worthwhile (on a budget)

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OMG, a brand new blog post! It’s about time I start posting more regularly, especially now that my much needed summer vacation has finally arrived. I am working on having an easygoing next few months full of sleepful nights, simple entertainment, seeing as many of my lovely friends as possible, all in laid back outfits and on a college student budget.

In this part-fashion post, I am pictured outside the Hinkley’s Lighting Factory on Central in front of their beautiful hedge. To transition into summer, my go-to ensembles have consisted of lightly distressed jeans, plain but funky t-shirts, and plenty of jewelry as usual. I even decided to accessorize with an “OMG” temporary tattoo. Chokers and glittery 24-hour tattoos are all making a very 90’s comeback and I am definitely not complaining. See my “outfit details” for more information on what I am wearing and where to find my pieces, if not something similar!

Now, keep reading for some bright ideas on how to make your summer worthwhile on a college student's budget:

  • Accessorize with temporary tattoos.

  • Make your best friend a playlist and listen to it together.

  • Spend your summer single and be happy with it (i.e. not spending money on dates OR PLOT TWIST: use these awesome ideas for your dates with someone special).

  • Go to the Phoenix Art Museum: FREE for MCCD students with their student ID or get a summer membership for only a $30 flat fee. 

    • Also visit the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) which is much, much smaller than the Phoenix Art Museum but it is still fantastic. Bring your student ID and get in for $5 or visit on their free admission days at a certain time.

  • Start a book club

  • Join your friends on their lunch break at work.

  • Rent as many movies as you can from your city public library F-R-E-E (with a library card which is free too) and throw an all nighter.

  • First Friday's: before it gets too crazy hot, only have to spend money on possible souvenirs and food which can be like $3 for a delicious street hot dog.

  • Hike or kayak: spend money on the gas and proper equipment (or borrow from a friend!)

  • Use your discounts (sign up for your favorite restaurant's emailing list to receive summer specials) and watch out for freebies (tenth purchase at Press Coffee Roasters is free!!)

  • Plan a photo shoot and take your photographer out to lunch for the pics.

  • Potluck dinner with friends and/or family for one awesome meal.

  • Start a blog ;)

Photos by: Claire Goldberg

Photos by: Claire Goldberg

Outfit Details: mustard tee (Forever 21), dark jeans (ANGL), booties (Forever 21), navy purse (Ross-Steve Madden), choker and assorted necklaces (ANGL), gold stacked bracelets (Wanderlust + Co.), black sunglasses (TJ MAXX- Guess), temporary tattoos (Paper Source from little party poppers).

Happy Thursday blog readers, life-doers, summer vacationers, and friends!!!